Regenerating Rebellion – A Gathering of Opposition

Regenerating Rebellion, Wollongong 4th October

University of Wollongong. 10 am Building 19 Room 1030

Capitalism is clearly a catastrophe. Across the globe our lives are immiserated in countless ways and the ecological damage that has already been wrought is both incalculable and terrifying. Perhaps in the past we could have taken some kind of hope from capitalism’s tragedies as signs of a deep crisis that might open the door to emancipation. We can’t do that anymore. We have seen, to our sadness, how the apparently terminal crises in capitalism often only (when the smoke has cleared) lead to a restrengthening of capitalism, often at a great cost to life and the planet. The only ‘crisis’ that can threaten capitalism, is the crisis we create, through our rebellion against, and our exit from, capitalism. Crisis is not the opportunity for us to seize our freedom, but rather our freedom is the crisis of capitalism itself. It is the hope and joy in and of our freedom, as a present living potential that can end this horrible nightmare of capitalism and generate a different kind of society ( which we do, though you might not, call communism) that is the reason for this gathering. We would like to invite you to this, and offer the opportunity for the creation of dialogue and debate, and thus, in a small way start build pathways to different kinds of life. We hope that by gathering together we can collectively reflect on the world we live in, the struggles that happen across it and perhaps develop ways of working together that increase our chances of creating dignity and freedom.

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What did I tell you? – The Immaterial Workers of the World

This is taken from the very excellent blog  What in the hell… It is described thusly

This is a text written mainly by Paolo Virno, I believe, signed by the “Immaterial Workers of the World” which I found online here and here. The translation is by Myk Zeitlin. The text is online in Italian here and in Spanish here. It’s title is “What did I tell you?”, in Italian, “Che te lo dico a fare”. It first appeared in issue 18 of Derive Approdi, contents listed here. There’s a short preface to the text which isn’t translated. I may take a crack at that in the next week or so.

The Social Working Day

Politics today is governed by a social time outside of the cardinal points (?). The fixation of a new calendar is the prize of the political struggle.

Social time escapes from the cardinal points at the time when there is no longer anything that distinguishes work from the rest of human activity. So, at the time when work ceases to constitute a special and separate practice, inside of which are in force criteria and peculiar procedures, which are completely different from the criteria and procedures that regulate non-work time.

Work and non-work develop an identical productivity, based on the exercise of generic human faculties: language, memory, sociality, ethical and aesthetic inclinations, capacity to abstract and to apprehend. From the point of view of ” what” one does and ” how” one does it, there is no substantial difference between employment and unemployment. That is to say, unemployment is unwaged labour, and labour in its turn is waged unemployment. One can maintain, with good reason, that as much as one never stops working, so one works always less. These paradoxical or contradictory formulations testify together to the leaving of the cardinal points of social time.

The old distinction between ” work” and ” non-work” is resolved in this between waged life and unwaged life. The boundary between the one and the other is arbitrary, mutable, subject to political decision.

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Manifesto – Network of Alternative Resistance

1. Resisting is Creating

Contrary to the defensive position in which rebel and alternative groups and movements often find themselves, we believe true resistance must include the creation, here and now, of the ties and pioneering alternative forms of movements, groups and persons who, through an activism for life, overcome capitalism and reaction. We believe that we are witnessing today, at an international level, the beginning of a counteroffensive, after a long period of doubts, backward steps and the destruction of alternative forces. This setback has been widely taken advantage of by the forces of neoliberalism and capitalism in order to destroy a good part of what one hundred and fifty years of revolutionary struggles have built. Thus, resisting is creating the new forms, the new theoretical hypotheses and practices that will meet the current challenge.

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Manifesto – Malgre Tout


by the Malgre Tout Collective

Translated by Pablo Mendez and Sebastian Touza* ( and changed to non-gendered pronouns by Dave Eden)

1. The End of History

The times of revolutionary politics are over, we are told, because messianic time is dead. But in fact, it’s just the opposite: today, a libertarian politics can only exist precisely if it is able to rid itself of messianic time. One no longer struggles for the advent of the end of history or the transparent reign of freedom, simply because freedom is not a state that can be reached, but rather an act that it is necessary to incarnate. Thus, struggle is truly political when freedom acts. This is why free acts are so rare and the promises of freedom so frequent. Along with messianic time, a politics of non-domination should rid itself of the master liberators who promise freedom in the future in exchange for subservience today. Modernity conceived messianic time under the mythical figure of progressivism, which implied that thanks to progress in all the different forms of life –the technical, economical, social and political– man would become increasingly free. And this was so because, according to the teachings of Marxism, it was the material life of a community that determined the consciousness of its inhabitants. And indeed, it’s true that consciousness is overdetermined, except that it does not identify itself with freedom. In his situation, Spartacus did not act less freely than Ché. Continue reading

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